Regional Group Training Packages

We can organize set series of training courses for participating members at local venues at reduced cost.

This option is available within every BMF region, and participating members can choose a package of four courses to run when and where they want them. Any two members of your staff can attend four days of locally held training, at an inclusive price of £122.50 per-person per-day for BMF Members (£230.00 per-person per-day for non-BMF Members).

The all inclusive group training package works like this:

  • We need at least four companies per region to take part in order to operate a group training package
  • Participants select their choice of BMF courses - most courses are of one day duration, but if more this will use up the available days
  • BMF will liaise with participants to choose the four most popular training courses in each region together with the dates they could be run during the next six months
  • In order for us to run each course a minimum of eight people is needed - most companies like to send two people at a time on a course
  • The choice of which individuals to send on each course is entirely yours - you can send the same two each time or a mix of up to eight different people
  • If sufficient interest has been generated to operate a group scheme in your region we will contact you to agree dates and locations of courses, and at this point we will invoice you

For more details please contact our Training Administrator at or telephone 02476 854980.